Here are some frequently asked questions:

Will USED GERMAN MACHINES assist us with machinery installation and commissioning in my country?

Yes,  we can arrange a turn-key service if desired. We can install, commission and start-up your purchased equipment. Please inquire with our sales team about terms and conditions.

Does USED GERMAN MACHINES also supply new German machinery and plants?

Yes, on demand. We can also supply new machines if we are contracted. Just send us your detailed inquiry and we shall swiftly get back to you.

Can USED GERMAN MACHINES supply us with German production technology and project management?

For all projects related to the juice and milk industries we can provide you with project engineering, production know-how and of course also with a project manager.

Can USED GERMAN MACHINES recondition used machines for us?

Yes. UGM refurbishes, repairs and services all types of Tetra Pak filling and downstream machinery. Other machine makes and types can also be reconditioned, please let us know your demand.

Does USED GERMAN MACHINES offer project financing?

Yes. We can offer 90, 120 or 180 days export financing under certain terms and conditions. You need to be able to issue a deferred and irrevocable Letter of Credit.

Is USED GERMAN MACHINES linked to any other company or multinational corporation?

No. We are not linked, supported, promoted or otherwise connected to any third parties. USED GERMAN MACHINES is a wholly owned private German business entity.

Does USED GERMAN MACHINES participate in tenders?

No, we never participate in any tenders.

Can you provide invitation letters to receive visas for Germany / Europe?

For existing customers yes.


New customer please check below visa Information:



This following information is for FIRST-TIME visitors to our company only.

Explanation: below described VISA application procedures were set-up in co-operation with German federal authorities and are based on policies to obtain a business visitor visa for Germany. Only by following these procedures our company is allowed to issue invitation letters. There are no exceptions.

In order to issue an invitation letter we do require from you:



A letter from your bank stating that your company avails of a sufficient account balance with that bank and that the amount covering the business transaction between your company and our company is freely available once a purchase / delivery contract between our companies has been signed. This letter should

  • not be older than 30 days
  • be signed and stamped by authorized bank officers


2. VISITOR INFORMATION on your company letterhead

  • family name – first name(s)
  • position in company
  • date of birth
  • place of birth
  • nationality
  • passport number
  • passport valid until
  • full company name and address
  • company telephone, fax and email-address
  • german embassy or consulate (responsible for your area) address, tel and fax number


BOTH DOCUMENTS as described above should then be sent to us

via telefax to +49 391 555 485 11


in one (1) original version by post or courier to:

c/o SIGAB GmbH
Export Department

Alt-Salbke 6-10
D-39122 Magdeburg



Cost for processing & security deposit is EURO 800,00 per visitor. This amount covers costs for the entire visa procedure including UPS/DHL forwarding costs of the invitation letter(s), communication between us and German embassies as well as German government authorities; work time of our staff to issue all required documents and to follow up in order to receive visas swiftly.

You shall be informed about our bank account where this amount should be forwarded to after receipt of the above mentioned documents 1+2. Upon receipt of the funds we shall immediately forward the original documents to you by UPS or DHL.

Important: should a business transaction between our companies take place after your visit, we shall reimburse the full sum of EURO 800,00 per person to your company by deducting it from the final invoice.



Our company is not responsible for the issuing of visas. We shall gladly assist our partners and clients but we shall not be held responsible for any costs related to visa procedures in your country or non-issuing of documents by German or European authorities.