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Used 2006 KHS Hotfill Line

One used 2006 KHS hotfill bottling line with a capacity of 30000 bph.

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Additional information

Tubular heat exchanger:

Make: TETRA PAK; Incl. deaerator; Pulp max. 10% / cells max. 1x12mm

Bottle unscrambler:

Make: Posimat; Model: N-30


Make: KHS; Volume: 100ml; Capacity: 30000 b/h; Bottle material: PP multilayer

Capping press:

Make: Fords; Model: 120 FS PRESS; Capacity: 500 caps per minute; Cap size: diameter 33 x 4,3mm; Closure: aluminium lid

Cooling tunnel:

Make: KHS


Make: KHS; Model: HL2040; Type: all around paper label

Leak detector:

Make: Wilco; Model: R18 SQ/FS; Year of make: 2006


Make: Rama; Model: MULTIPACK RM BATPACK SP; Format: 1×3, 1×4, 2×3, 2×2


Make: Meurer; Model: CM/HTW; Year of make: 2006; Format: 6×3 (18 units) 1×3, 6×4 (24 units) 1×4, 2×2, 4×6 (24 units) 2×3, single 12

Bottle conveyor:

Make: KHS/Meurer


We have for sale one used very good conditioned KHS hotfill bottling line from the year 2006.
The line worked 13350 hours and can fill non-carbonated products between 100 until 500ml with a capacity of 30000 bph.
Bottle material, which was used the complete time, was PP (polypropylene). Line can also be changed to fill up to 1000ml.

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