Used PET filling line for non-returnable PET bottles

Currently, we have for sale a used PET line for non-returnable PET bottles.



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Blow moulder:

Make: SIG; Model: Blomax 8 SII; Make of year: 2004; With moulds, with tipper, container, preform feed system, make Tanner VZT 2060


Make: Siam; Model: Tempo 900

Air-conveying system:

Make: Simonazzi; Model: TWN 222; Year of make: 2004; Pneumatic adjustable


Make: Simonazzi, Mojonnier; Model: CARBOGEA 250; Year of make: 2004; Capacity: max. 25000 l/h


Make: Simonazzi, Eurotronica; Model: 50-60-15-115; Year of make: 2005; Pitch approx. 115 mm; Neck handling; Clean room roof


1-channel; 50 digits; Mechanical rinsing nozzles


60 filling valves; Electronical filling system; Pneumatic valves on valve manifold


Make: AROL; 15 capping heads; 2 sorters; ionization of caps in cap chute


Model: CIP Semiautomatic R2; Year of make: 2005; Capacity: 25 m³/h; Equipment: 2 container, pneumatic valves

Labeling machine:

Make: Krones; Model: Canmatic 600-10; Year of make: 1998; Type: pre-cutted foil labels-wraparound label; Tooth belt drive for cylindrical bottles; Krones hotmelt unit


Make: Domino; Model: A300; laser; Coding on bottle shoulder

Bottle conveyor:

Model: CBI 1502; Plastic chain with lubrication system and drain plates

Packaging device:

Make: Kisters; Model: SP050 B; Year of make: 2004; Packing: 2×3 and 4×3 in foil

Handle applicator:

Make: Kisters; Model: CSM 50-2-LM; Year of make: 2004; Straight through passage; Double lane

Pack Conveyors:



We have available for sale one complete PET filling line for still and carbonated mineral water. The line is available immediately and in good condition.
The capacity is 12.000 b/h from 0.33 l to 0.5 l and 10.000 b/h from 1,0 l to 1,5 l.

Make: KRONES, Kisters, SIG, Simonazzi
Capacity: 10.000 bottles/h at 1,5 l PET bottle
Possible capacity: 12.000 bottles/h at 0,33 l and 0,5 l PET bottles
10.000 bottles/h at 1,0 l and 1,5 l PET bottles
Year: 2004, 2005
Products: Water with and without Co2
Cap: PCO 28 (1881) and sports cap (basic shorty)
Pack: 3×4 in foil – single lane
2×3 in foil – double lane


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