Tetra Pak Spare Parts

New and used Tetra Pak® spare parts: large stock, daily shipments

Spare Parts 1At UGM we do pride ourselves on operational excellence and enhanced customer satisfaction. This is why we have built a large stock of original Tetra Pak® spare parts that will help increase effectiveness, reduce machine downtimes, and drive competitive advantage for our customers.
Once you have created a customer account with us your inquiries will be swiftly processed and you shall be presented with our best offer for genuine second-hand or brand new Tetra Pak® spare parts.

UGM delivers original Tetra Pak® spare parts for all currrent and older Tetra Pak® filling equipment. Tetra Pak genuine spare parts for aseptic filling machine models TBA3, TBA8, TBA9, TBA19, TBA21, TBA22, A3, A3/Flex are daily business for us. Spare parts for these process equipment ranges are also available: Tetra Therm Aseptic Flex, Tetra Spiraflo®, Tetra Alex®, Tetra VTIS, Tetra ALCIP®, Tetra ALSAFE®.

Even specialty equipment, for example format conversion kits, paper trolleys, superstructure holders and paper roll turning devices up to warehouse forklifts are supplied. All Tetra Pak® spare parts can be exchanged / installed at your site by our Field Service Team.

Additionally, we do store many complete modules like Tetra Pak PULLTAB® PT8 and PT10. Accessoires such as inkjet coders, package labeling devices and pallet stretch wrappers are of course also available. So sending us an inquiry is always a good idea.

It is important to support and maintain your Tetra Pak® equipment backed up with a reliable spare part service. UGM is not just a machinery supplier but also your business partner in assuring maximum production uptime.

Over the last years we have invested in this department in order to help you meet your targets. Experienced staff supports you in the best possible way making sure that ordered parts will reach you fast. We are only located one hour away from Europe’s largest DHL airport hub enabling us to speed up deliveries.

Please note that in future this website shall feature an extensive offer listing of Tetra Pak® spare parts. Until then we do kindly ask you to contact our sales staff to receive quotations for required Tetra Pak® spare part numbers. Alternatively, we shall gladly send you our PDF or Microsoft Excel lists of available stock spare parts for Tetra Pak® aseptic filling machines TBA3, TBA8, TBA9, TBA19 and further models.

Spare Parts 2

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