Used machine guarantee for Tetra Pak® filling machines

At UGM we do offer various guarantee plans when purchasing used Tetra Pak® filling machines or complete filling lines


3 month used machine guarantee

After purchasing used Tetra Pak® machines from UGM the 3 month used machine guarantee is the most cost effective solution to get your started. All machines are carefully checked. A basic machine service is effected at customer site before and during installation.All necessary remedial work will be carried out utilizing original Tetra Pak® spare parts. Used machine guarantee 1

Certain critical components will be changed if deemed necessary. All settings will be carried out and recorded, emergency stops and electronic interlocks will be operational. A full electrical test will be effected and covers an earth continuity & insulation test. Test runs will be undertaken and settings recorded.


6 month used machine guarantee

All wear and tear parts will be replaced. A large preventive maintenance service shall be carried out. Critical components will be automatically replaced. All works will either be executed at our workshop in Germany or at the customer’s plant, whatever is more economical and practical.


12 month used machine guarantee

All machines will be taken to our workshop in Germany in order to be fully disassembled. Reassembly will start from the shot blasted and repainted machine. All critical parts will be exchanged with genuine spare parts. If required, optional kits and format changes will be installed.

All settings will be carried out and recorded. Cosmetic work and paintwork will be improved as much as is feasible. All guards are inspected & repaired/exchanged where necessary & missing sections replaced. All emergency stops and electronic interlocks will be operational, the guarding may also be upgraded as requested by the new owner. Conduction of a full electrical test covering an earth continuity & insulation test. The machine will undertake test runs, simulating factory conditions as much as practical, including a final 2 hour continuous fault free run. All settings will be recorded. The packages will be checked for weight, shape and integrity.


Attention: All above guarantee plans shall only become effective if UGM is contracted for installation, commissioning and start-up at the final site. Machine guarantee commences after start-up.